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Brazilian Human Hair Wig with Bangs Remy Straight Hair Bob Wigs Full Machine Made Wig for Women 8-16 Inches No Lace Bob Wigs


Brazilian Human Hair Wig with Bangs Remy Straight Hair Bob Wigs Full Machine Made Wig for Women 8-16 Inches No Lace Bob Wigs

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Product Details

Made with 100% human hair our wigs are high quality.

10 inches fits most head shapes. If you want to cut by yourself because of different size of head, we recommend you choose wig over 10 inches. 

Our wig caps are 22.5 inches average size.

The bangs can be adjusted to the left or right by yourself. If you think the bangs are too long or too thick you can cut them shorter or trim thinner to fit your face.


Item Type: Brazilian Human Hair Wig 

Texture: Straight

Material Grade: Remy Hair

Suitable Dying Colors: Darker Color Only

Human Hair Type: Brazilian Hair

Cap Size: Average Size

Density: 200%

Hair material: 100% human hair

Texture: straight

Hair Length: 8-16 inches

Hair Color: nature color

Use: party, birthday, daily wear

Life time: 6-18 month

Please Note:

1. Comb hair gently to reduce shedding and tangling.

2. Avoid excessive use of curler and flat iron as these will shorten the lifespan of the wig.

Helpful FAQ's:

Q1: The wig does not match the picture in the link

A1: The wig is a product that requires care and styling. The picture in the link is the effect after styling, so you may feel it is different from the picture after receiving the wig. It is recommended that you use a straightener or curling iron to manage your hair. If you need better effect, you could find a stylist to get a new shape.

Q2: Is it human hair

A2: We sell 100% human hair, you could take a small amount of hair and burn it with a lighter to test, the human hair will be powdered after burning, and the synthetic hair will curl up after burning. In addition, the maximum heat-resistant temperature of synthetic hair is 200 degrees Celsius. You can use a hair straightener to adjust the temperature to 210 degrees Celsius for straightening. If the hair is not damaged, it can also prove that the hair is human hair.

Q3: The tail of the hair is cutuneven

A3: Please don't judge whether the hair ends are uneven by holding it in your hand, because the wig has a multi-layer structure, and it will definitely be uneven when you hold it in your hand. To judge whether the hair tail is neat or not, it needs to be placed on the model or worn on the head. In addition, when the factory cuts, it is cut on the model, but the size of each person's head is different, and there may also be uneven hair ends. We have reserved extra sizes for your wigs to trim by yourself .

Q4: The hair is bent or the wig cap is deformed

A4: This is caused by the transportation problem, the curvy hair can be straightened with a straightening iron. The wig cap deformation can put the wig on the head mold for a day to restore its shape.

Q5: The size of the wig cap is not suitable

A5: Our wig caps are 22.5 inches average size, if you need another size, you can leave a message to us before making an order, and we can help you customize the size for free.

Q6: Insufficient size

A6: We will do strict quality inspection before shipping, if the wig you received does not match the length of your order, please send us a picture or video of the wig being measured, and we will verify it for you.

Q7: Insufficient hair volume

A7: Our wigs are divided into different densities (150%/180%/220%/250%, etc.). This one is 200.


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Amazing quality! I've owned many glitterpalettes and this one is by far the best! Each color is so unique and glides onperfectly! I am amazed at the quality! And how fairly priced it is! I wore themall day and they didn't budge.

Cecilia. B.

Great value. I normally buy gold filled or gold jewelry because I put a lot of wear in them. I’ve worn this for a week at the beach and in the shower and so far no tarnish. It is very bright gold compared to my 18k gold filled jewelry. Love it!

Cheryl S.

You definitely get a bang for your buck with these magnetic lashes. Very nice natural styles... these lashes really do work.

Jasmine C.

Amazing! Really impressed with these vanity lights! The installation was very easy because it came with clear installation instructions.

Mary N.
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