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Electronic Acupuncture Pen USB Electric Laser Therapy Pain Relief

Electronic Acupuncture Pen USB Electric Laser Therapy Pain Relief

Electronic Acupuncture Pen USB Electric Laser Therapy Pain Relief

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Red Light: Electric acupoint massage pen adopted 650nm red light design, with strong penetration, use pulse massage to directly stimulate the muscle and skin.

9 Levels of Intensity: Electronic acupuncture pen with 9 gears, to achieve the best massage effect, you can choose specific massage heads according to your comfort level.

Turn on: Press the "On/Off" button, and the display will light up, display the intensity value "0" and battery power, and the instrument is in standby mode.
Adjust the intensity: press the "+" and "-" keys to adjust the Intensity, each press is 1 gear, and the highest is 9 gears. The intensity is adjusted from the low gear, and it is better to feel comfortable.

The correct posture for holding the instrument: Just like holding a pen, the tiger's mouth should be fully attached to the conductive sheet, and the physiotherapy head can be fully in contact with the skin to perform physiotherapy.

Mode adjustment: There are two red light modes, which are turned off by default. Press the mode button to enter the "Continuous Output" mode. The physiotherapy head will always emit red light. Press the "mode button" again to switch to the "intermittent output" mode, and the physic therapy head hole will emit red light Intermittently. Press the mode button for the third time, the red light function is off.

Replacing the physiotherapy head: The instrument is equally piped with different types of physiotherapy heads, which can be replaced according to your needs. After use, press the "on/off" button to turn off the instrument. When charging, the green light is on; when it is fully charged, the green light is off.

    Product Specification:

    • Size: Medium
    • Material: Composite Material
    • Level: 1~9 Levels
    • Feature 3: volt pen acupuncture
    • Feature 2: acupuncture meridian pen
    • Feature 1: acupuncture pen
    • Energy Massage: Meridian Pen, Pain Pen
    • Application: Body


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