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Breezy-off Portable Lint Remover Fabric Shaver Brush Tool

Lint Remover Fabric Shaver Brush Tool

Breezy-off Portable Lint Remover Fabric Shaver Brush Tool

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The Breezy-off Lint Remover helps restore your clothes and fabrics by removing all the lint, pills and fuzz that’s been bothering you for so long!                                                                                             

Save Your Old Clothes!                                               

No need to throw away your older linty clothes. Just a few strokes with the Breezy-off Lint Remover and your clothes and fabrics will look clean and revitalized without harming or damaging the material - it just removes the ugly lint.

Use it to remove lint from sweaters, dresses, pants, upholstery, pillows, curtains, carpet and much more.                   

  • Keep your clothes and fabrics looking fresh and elegant - revitalize your clothes and fabrics by easily removing unwanted fuzz balls.  This way you can save time and money by not having to go out and buy replacements.
  • Battery-free tool: Now you can replace inefficient battery operated lint removers, most of which don't have enough power to remove lint and fuzz balls properly. The Breezy-off Lint Remover is manually controlled by the user - you simply apply constant sturdy strokes, removing the lint quickly and easily to your satisfaction - leaving nothing behind.  
  • Practical and easy to use - Removes fuzz, lint balls and pilling safely and efficiently from wool sweaters, evening dresses, trousers, curtains, carpets, your favorite pillows, and much more.
  • The  Breezy-off Lint Remover also removes pet hair, crumbs and more without leaving a sticky residue behind.
  • While it's a great tool for cleaning clothing it's also efficient in restoring bedding, furniture and car upholstery as well. 
  • It comes with a pure copper head that ensures efficiency and long life.




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10-19 Business Days to the USA

12-20 Business Days to countries outside the USA

18-34 Business Days to Mexico / South America





Amazing quality! I've owned many glitterpalettes and this one is by far the best! Each color is so unique and glides onperfectly! I am amazed at the quality! And how fairly priced it is! I wore themall day and they didn't budge.

Cecilia. B.

Great value. I normally buy gold filled or gold jewelry because I put a lot of wear in them. I’ve worn this for a week at the beach and in the shower and so far no tarnish. It is very bright gold compared to my 18k gold filled jewelry. Love it!

Cheryl S.

You definitely get a bang for your buck with these magnetic lashes. Very nice natural styles... these lashes really do work.

Jasmine C.

Amazing! Really impressed with these vanity lights! The installation was very easy because it came with clear installation instructions.

Mary N.
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