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2-Pack Funny Middle Finger Tiny Hands Creative Rubber Finger Hands for Finger Mini Puppets Small Hand Model Toys


2-Pack Funny Middle Finger Tiny Hands Creative Rubber Finger Hands for Finger Mini Puppets Small Hand Model Toys

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Introducing our 2 piece Funny Mini Hands Puppets - the perfect blend of creativity, entertainment, and novelty! These tiny finger fidget toys are not only amusing but also make for a fantastic Halloween gift for both adults and kids alike.

Crafted from high-quality plastic, these mini hand puppets are designed to captivate your imagination and bring out your playful side. Each set includes two finger puppets, allowing you to create endless scenarios and engage in imaginative storytelling.

Whether you're hosting a puppet show, engaging in cosplay, or simply looking for a fun way to entertain yourself or your little ones, these finger puppets are sure to provide hours of laughter and amusement.

The compact size of these puppets makes them ideal for on-the-go entertainment. Slip them onto your fingers and let the creative fun begin! Their small hand design adds an element of surprise and hilarity to your puppetry performances.

These finger puppets are not only a source of entertainment but also serve as a wonderful stress-reliever. Their fidget-friendly nature allows you to keep your hands busy, promoting relaxation and focus.

Safety is of utmost importance, and these mini hand puppets have been carefully crafted with that in mind. They are certified safe and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. However, it is important to keep them away from fire to prevent any accidents.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of whimsy to your Halloween celebrations, seeking a unique gift for a friend, or simply want to indulge in some playful fun, these Funny Mini Hands Puppets are the perfect choice. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring joy and laughter into your life with these delightful finger fidget toys. Get your set today and let the entertainment begin! 


Item Type: Mini Hands Puppets

Material: Plastic

Model Number: Finger sleeve 

Gender: Unisex

Length: 7cm(2.76in) - Width:4.5cm(1.77in) - Height:2cm(0.79in) 


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Cecilia. B.

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Cheryl S.

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Amazing! Really impressed with these vanity lights! The installation was very easy because it came with clear installation instructions.

Mary N.
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