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Mini Face Skin Care Machine Ultrasound RF EMS Facial Beauty Device

Mini Face Skin Care Machine Ultrasound RF EMS Facial Beauty Device

Mini Face Skin Care Machine Ultrasound RF EMS Facial Beauty Device

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This mini high frequency: face machine is designed to gently rejuvenate the skin by applying electromagnetic waves, strong ultrasound waves and different types of energy waves. This can produce powerful healing effects for your skin, leaving it looking healthier and younger with beautiful bright complexion and smooth, more firm skin.

This is a Mini Face Machine: Rejuvenation Skin Care. This is a high-tech portable face machine which uses RF,EMS and Ultrasound to efficiently work as an ultrasonic bath, face rejuvenation machine, facial massage device and face skin care product at the same time. No need to invest hundreds of dollars on multiple machines!

This 3 in 1 mini Face Machine: Rejuvenation Skin Care is a perfect solution to keep your skin youthful and glowing! With 7 different built-in functions, this device helps you reduce wrinkles, remove acne scars and improve the texture of your skin.

    Product Specification:

    • Working Principle: RF,EMS, Ultrasound Wave
    • Type: MINI HIFU 2.0 Machine
    • Standard Voltage: 110V,220V,240V,100V,110V-220V
    • Size: 180mm*60mm
    • Power Source: Electric, USB Charger
    • Material: Plastic
    • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made


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