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EasyStore Hanging Purse Handbag Organizer

Hanging Purse Handbag Organizer

EasyStore Hanging Purse Handbag Organizer

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"Amazing! This hanging bag organizer really helped me organize my living area in my already limited studio apartment!" Tamara B.



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Store and Organize Your Purses While Saving Space And Time

Introducing the EasyStore Hanging Purse Organizer!

If you own numerous purses and you're finding less and less room to store them all, this hanging purse organizer is a great solution. It will help unclutter your room while freeing up much needed space. It will also keep your purses organized so that you'll know exactly where to find the one you're looking for. Simply place your handbags into its convenient pockets, hang it in your closet, and in an instant, you have valuable free space!  

  • Large Capacity: Consists of 6 large compartments. It can hold 6 medium sized handbags or more smaller ones.
  • Multi-functional Use: It's a great way to organize and store other items besides purses. It can hold travel makeup bags, tote bags, scarfs, hats, towels, smaller blankets, sheets, socks, toys, etc.
  • Transparent Slots: The transparent slots allow you to see the items being stored so that you can get to what you want quickly and easily. It also creates a nice, organized display of your things. 


  • Extra Protection and Dust Proof: With this hanging organizer you don't have to worry about your bags collecting dust or getting discolored or disfigured from long-term exposure to dust and improper storage. 
  • Convenient Swivel Hook: The hook is made of durable stainless steel allowing you to hang it on any standard closet rod, wall or door hooks. With the swivel feature you can easily flip it from one side to the other to access your bags. 

  • Great Space Saver: Simply hang it in a closet or on a wall and instantly unclutter your room without using up much space. It takes just about as much room as a winter coat.


The EasyStore Hanging Purse Organizer is an excellent gift idea. It's makes a great gift for a daughter, mother, grandmother or bestie. 


Size: 90x33x31cm (35.4x13.0x12.2 inches)

Material: environmentally friendly non-woven fabrics.

Color: Black, gray

What's in the Package?

1 x Hanging Bag Organizer

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