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Fully Automatic Reverse Folding Umbrella With LED Flashlight Windproof Reflective Stripe UV Umbrellas For Rain Or Sun

Fully Automatic Reverse Folding Umbrella With LED Flashlight Windproof Reflective Stripe UV Umbrellas For  Rain Or Sun

Fully Automatic Reverse Folding Umbrella With LED Flashlight Windproof Reflective Stripe UV Umbrellas For Rain Or Sun

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Introducing our revolutionary reverse umbrella, a game-changer compared to traditional umbrellas. When you close it, the wet part remains inside, effectively preventing water from dripping and keeping floors and cars dry. This innovative design allows you to place the umbrella anywhere without worries.

Safety and visibility are paramount, especially during rainy nights. Our umbrella comes with an LED flash light, providing enhanced visibility at night, potentially preventing accidents and injuries.

Forget the hassle of struggling to close your umbrella while getting into your car during heavy rain. Our umbrella features a convenient one-click open/close mechanism. Simply press the button on the handle, and you're good to go!

For added safety during low light and rainy conditions, our umbrella is designed with a highlight glowing reflective strip on the canopy edge. This ensures 360 degrees of high visibility for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

No need to worry about the wind wreaking havoc on your umbrella. Ours is supported by 10 reinforced aluminum bones, increasing flexibility and strength without the risk of rusting. This umbrella can withstand strong winds without breaking, making it incredibly durable and reliable.

We understand the importance of convenience, and that's why we've added a high tension spring into the ribs of our umbrella. This ensures a faster and smoother open/close action compared to regular umbrellas, allowing you to stay dry and elegant effortlessly.

With a large canopy size of 106cm (41.7 inches), our umbrella can easily accommodate two people, providing ample protection from the rain. On top of that, it's the perfect travel size, collapsing to a small 6cm in length and weighing only 0.4 kg.

Experience the ultimate in umbrella technology with our reverse umbrella. Embrace the convenience, durability, and safety features that make it stand out from the rest. Stay dry, stay safe, and stay stylish with our innovative reverse umbrella on your side.

Please Note: For umbrellas with flashlights, you need to open the cover of the handle and take out the plastic sheet inside for the battery to work properly. 


Type: Reverse Folding Umbrella

Umbrella features: Reverse umbrella, LED flash light, Large size, Durable with Reflective Stripe

Umbrella cloth material: 210T Bump cloth

Umbrella cloth density: 210T

Umbrella bone material: Aluminum alloy

Pattern: Three-folding Umbrella

Panel Material: Black Coating

Number of umbrella bones: 10/12 Ribs

Medium bar material: stainless steel

Material: Aluminum Alloy Tube

Function: All in 1

Control: Fully-automatic

Canopy size: 106cm (41.7 inches)

Age Group: Adults


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