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Massage Gun Deep Tissue Electric Muscle Massager With 6 Heads

Massage Gun Deep Tissue Electric Muscle Massager With 6 Heads

Massage Gun Deep Tissue Electric Muscle Massager With 6 Heads

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Product Description:

  • Relieves sore Muscles: This hand held massage gun deep tissue helps to relieve muscle soreness and accelerate recovery from overworking tight muscles.
  • Muscle Recovery: The muscle massager helps to relax your muscles by  promoting blood flow and relieving lactic acid quicker, helping to accelerate the muscle healing process.

  • Powerful: It has 16mm amplitude which makes it powerful enough to stimulate deep muscle tissue for more effective results. 
  • Adjustable: This massage gun has 30 different speed levels and 6 massage heads to meet different massage needs. 

  • Use:  This hand held device is perfect for women and men, athletes, the elderly, etc.
  • How to use the different attachments: Round - relaxing muscle groups; Taper - massage joint; ‘U’ Shape - neck and spine; Flat - full body massage; Thumb - foot sole massage; Spade - small muscle of neck, Leg, shoulder massage.
  • Quiet Design: This gun has a high torque motor and high quality bearings which enable it to operate with very little sound noise. This makes it perfect for use at work, in the office or gym without causing a disturbance.  



Material: Composite Material

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Battery duration: 6-8 Hours

Sound Level: 30-45DB

Adjustable Speed: 30 Levels (1800-4800)

Amplitude: 12-16mm

Fast Charging: Type-C Charging Wire 2-3 Hour Full Charge

Operation Type: LCD Touch Screen


Please Note: The following are Operation Warning Tips

1. Do not use the machine while charging.

2.Do not charge in environment where is too humid.

3. Do not charge in environment where the temperature is too high.

4.  As the product was upgraded, this new version comes with USB Type-C fast charging power cable, it is compatible with all adapters with USB Port, also can be charged by Computer, Power Socket directly.


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