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Professional Laser Hair Removal IPL Epilator Device

Professional Laser Hair Removal IPL Epilator Device

Professional Laser Hair Removal IPL Epilator Device

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Bodee-Line Professional Laser Hair Removal IPL Epilator Device


State of the art hair epilator device: Uses advanced technology to greatly reduce the melanin in hair follicles, which makes them dormant and helps to prevent hair regrowth. (Please Note: Only long-term use of this product will have desired effects).

LSD Screen display: The hair epilator has a built in LCD display, which shows the number of flashes at all times. This epilator comes with 900,000 flashes which is enough for a lifetime of use.

Multi-Level: Our hair epilator device has 8 energy intensities (gears). First time users should start at the 1st level, and then adjust the levels according to the adaptability of your skin over time. The higher the level, the greater the intensity, and the better the effect.

Dual-Purpose: Manual and Auto modes. For small areas such as upper lip, face, bikini, etc. use manual. For larger areas like arms, legs and back use the auto mode. 

Operation: Press the power on button for 1 second to start the machine, press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off the machine. After shutting down, the fan will continue to rotate for 30 seconds to completely dissipate the heat from the machine’s motherboard.

Economical & Convenient: Our home hair epilator device is light and compact, making it easy to carry. It can be used at home, at work or during travel. This device can save you time and money by not having to go to a professional salon or spa. This can be used by women and men.




Color: White/pink/light green/dark green

Use: Bikini, Body, Face, Underarm

Areas suitable for: armpits, legs, bikini area, face, leg, chin, chest, back

Power Type: Electric

Power: 36W

Model Number: AM001

Material: ABS

Light intensity: 1-8 levels

Weight: 210g

Item Type: Epilator

Compatibility:  Men and women




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