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ComfyWear Soft Silicone Forefoot Pads - Finally Pain Relief For Your Feet!

Pads For Foot Pain

ComfyWear Soft Silicone Forefoot Pads - Finally Pain Relief For Your Feet!

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Do You Have Foot Pain from Wearing High Heel Shoes?   

Then these Comfywear Soft Silicone Forefoot Pads are for You!                   

Wearing high heels for longer periods of time, and for many who wear them all day long, can cause a lot of stress on your forefeet which often results in a lot of pain and discomfort. Give your feet the ultimate comfort they deserve by wearing these ultra soft honeycomb silicone footpads, before your put on your heels.          

  • Pain Relief: These pads are soft and comfortable on your feet and at the same time they help disperse the foot pressure (that is caused from your body weight and the shoe angle of your feet), to ease foot pain. Also helps relieve pain from corns, bunions, plantar fasciitis, tailor's bunion, and more.
  • Breathable Pads: The Comfywear forefoot pads were specially made in a honeycomb design so that your feet can breathe and are able to stay drier all day long. These flexible pads mold to the shape of your feet and can be worn under socks and/or with various types of shoes (not only heels). 
  • Safe and Reusable: These state of the art foot cushions were made with a medical grade silicone gel design. Our Comfywear metatarsal forefoot pads are safe to wear, are anti-slip, do not absorb odor or dirt and can be washed and reused.
  • Versatility: The Metatarsal gel pads can be worn underneath socks and with many other types of shoes such as: sneakers/running/cross-training shoes, hiking boots, tennis shoes, ballet shoes, ski boots and more.
  • Light and easy to Wear: These were made with a light stretchy material and are "One size fits all". Because they help to distribute the weight/burden more evenly and efficiently, they make you feel lighter on your feet.

Foot practitioners recommend wearing the metatarsal forefoot pads 3-5 times per week.

What's in the Package?

2 Pairs (4 pieces) Comfywear metatarsal forefoot pads


Due to high demand, delivery takes:

10-19 Business Days to the USA

12-20 Business Days to countries outside the USA

18-34 Business Days to Mexico / South America



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