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Memory Foam Seat & Back Cushion Orthopedic Pillow Back and Tailbone Support Office Home Car

Memory Foam Seat & Back Cushion Orthopedic Pillow Back and Tailbone Support Office Home Car

Memory Foam Seat & Back Cushion Orthopedic Pillow Back and Tailbone Support Office Home Car

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Imagine experiencing all-day comfort and sitting on any chair without the burden of back pain.

Our scientifically designed Cushion is specifically engineered to alleviate back pressure and enhance sitting posture on various seating options, such as chairs, sofas, recliners, and car seats. It naturally conforms to the contours of your back, ensuring effective lumbar support for unparalleled comfort throughout the day.

Here's how our Cushion can benefit you in different situations:

  1. Office or Working from Home - Instantly upgrade the lumbar support of your chair, whether at the office or home, leading to improved productivity and enhanced overall well-being.

  2. Relaxing or TV Watching - Indulge in the soothing relief of lower back discomfort while lounging on the sofa, recliner, or even when enjoying a good book in bed.

  3. Driving - Say goodbye to fatigue and welcome comfortable cushioning during every drive, making your journeys more enjoyable.

  4. Always Supportive - Our Cushion's extra dense memory foam ensures excellent support, even on softer surfaces like beds and pillows, providing consistent comfort wherever you use it.

  5. Grippy Bottom - The Cushion features a non-slip rubber bottom that securely anchors it to your chair, and it can be easily removed whenever needed.

  6. Adjustable Secure Strap - The cushion comes with an adjustable strap that accommodates any chair back, ensuring a tight grip to prevent unwanted sliding.

Our Cushion is crafted using 100% premium memory foam:

  • The bottom cushion sets are made from durable, high-density memory foam, striking the perfect balance between adequate cushioning and support. This prevents insufficient support that may lead to further pain or excessive cushioning that could result in improper posture and uncomfortable sitting positions.

Additional features of our Cushion include:

  • Non-slip Rubber Bottom: The textured bottom of the tailbone cushion ensures a secure placement on any seat, whether it's your office chair, kitchen chair, car seat, wheelchair, computer desk chair, or couch.

  • Breathable Mesh Cover: The Cushion comes with a durable mesh fabric cover that minimizes heat buildup, allowing for superior air circulation and breathability. This feature keeps you cool even during extended periods of use and ensures its resilience against daily wear and tear.

Choose the Cushion for ultimate comfort and support, regardless of the chair you're sitting on. Say goodbye to back pain and embrace a new level of sitting satisfaction.


Type: Seat Cushion/Back Cushion, car seat cushion

Feature: alleviates tailbone pain from driving or sitting down

Sleeve: Removable and Washable

Shape: Rectangle

Pattern Type: Solid

Cushion Material (filling): Memory Foam

Material: Polyester / Cotton

Color: Navy Blue, Gray, Sky Blue

Brand Name: TIKE

Application: Back and tailbone

Compatible use: Adult Men and Women

Size Dimensions:


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